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Contact Information

Principal - Mr. J. Playford

Vice Principals - Mr. G. Rayner, Ms. A. Potter

Trustee - Nicole Barnett Black

70 Professor Day Drive
Bradford, Ontario
L3Z 2A3

Phone - (905)775-2262
Fax - (905)775-3192

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Daily Schedule

Time Regular Flip
7:55am Classroom Open
8:10 - 8:15am National Anthem/Announcements
8:15 - 9:30am Period 1
Period 2
9:35 - 10:50am Period 2 Period 1
10:50 - 11:55am Lunch
11:55 - 1:10pm Period 3
Period 4
1:15 - 2:30pm Period 4
Period 3

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The history of Bradford District High School is interesting. The first “Grammar”, or high school, established in the county was at Barrie in 1843. A similar school was established in Bond Head in 1852. In the winter of 1859, that small two-room grammar school situated in Bond Head was loaded on a sled and pulled by horses to the newly formed town of Bradford.  The building was set among the pines situated on a plot of land between Fletcher and Queen Streets to become the first High School in Bradford.
In a letter written in 1859, Superintendent Fletcher told the Chief Superintendent of Schools of his pleasure with education in Bradford.  “I have to express my satisfaction at the excellent order of the school of the village during the year and the great interest taken in it by the inhabitants and I have great pleasure in saying that it stands at the head of common schools of the county.”  
In 1890 a third class room was added and two years later the building was burned. In 1893 a new school was opened on the site of the present building. This school too was burned and in 1923 the building now known as Fred C. Cook Elementary school was erected. In 1956, a four-room wing was added to alleviate over-crowding.


In 1976, the new Bradford District High School was opened on the then outskirts of the town of Bradford. It was modern with a large library, a cafetorium, and a large double gymnasium. It even had orange, yellow and rust shag carpeting throughout! The mural at our entrance shows a view down the hall. Notice the colour of the carpet and the lockers and the window at the end of the hall! (Far out, man!)*


Bradford continued to grow. An addition in the early 80’s added the wing to the west which included the auto body shop and the English rooms upstairs and classrooms downstairs. The renovations of the Science rooms, the inclusion of the Resource room and the addition of the new Science rooms including a greenhouse and the Social Science labs upstairs was completed in 2007.

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